New 2014 Aston martin Vanquish

This Vanquish rear-wheel-drive coupe arrived riding atop Aston's VH platform, powered by a 5.9-liter V12 paired with the company's Touchtronic six-speed flappy paddle gearbox. It's a direct descendant of the DBS. Hell, it even looks basically the same... all of today's Astons – save the court jester Cygnet – do. And while today's Aston design waters flow obviously and directly from the DB9 of 2004, we've said it before and we'll say it again: that's no bad thing. This Vanquish, now fully sheathed in carbon-fiber bodywork, is about as visually stunning as modern automobiles get. From its general proportions to its exposed carbon elements (everything from the front splitter to the side mirrors and rear fascia is sporting a weave) to its One-77-inspired taillamps, it's so gorgeous that you can't help but take every raindrop that dares fall on its flanks a little personally.

Thankfully, despite the visual similarities, a lot has actually changed under the skin in this car's transition from DBS to Vanquish. For starters, it rides atop Generation 4 VH architecture. Based on the One-77 supercar's bones, the aluminum chassis is said to be 25-percent stiffer than the DBS' thanks to a carbon-fiber intensive parts count that's 75-percent new. Needless to say, this Vanquish is a substantially different beast than the model that carried its name until 2007.