Apple's iPhone 6 scored a double win at the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards in London, picking up phone of the year and overall gadget of the year.
Demand for a phone with a larger screen clearly paid off - after seven years in the competition it's the first time the iPhone has won the accolade.
Apple also won best tablet with the iPad Air 2 and best laptop with the MacBook Air 2014.
Sony was also a big winner, scooping four awards, including best compact camera, best TV, best headphones and best home entertainment device with the PlayStation 4.
The awards, voted for by a combination of industry experts, technology journalists and the public, crowned LG's G Watch R with the best wearable award, ahead of the Pebble Steel smart watch.
Other winners included Samsung's Galaxy Note 4, which was named phablet of the year.
Judge and technology writer David Phelan told Sky News the competition was tough.
"BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia have all had massive changes in the last 12 months, but in the course of it there's still been big innovations from all the big players and from companies you've never heard of before," he said.
That was 2014 - but what can we expect to see next year?
Technology expert Nate Lanxon said: "2015 is going to be quite an exciting year for tech people. One is going to be the inevitable rise of more wearables, more scenarios for individual wearable devices.
"The other thing that I think might be more interesting might be smart textiles, which is where the electronics for various wearable technologies can actually be woven in and factored inside garments and inside fabrics."
So whether it's the growth of smart watches or the future of fabric, it looks like 2015 has a lot to offer.
Never download a driver-updating utility. Like PC-cleaning programs, they try to charge you money for a service you don’t need. They do this by scaring you with threats of blue screens and system problems.Even if a driver-updating tool worked perfectly and the company behind it didn’t seem unbelievably sleazy, they wouldn’t be worth your time — much less your money. Stay away.

We’ve seen advertisements for a “Driver Update Utility” from driverupdate.net all over the place recently. This is usually a bad sign — we also see ads for PC cleaners, registry cleaners, game boosters, and all sorts of other utilities that don’t actually do anything besides try to make money from you and install garbage onto your PC.

We installed this software so you don’t have to — really, don’t try this at home. We started with DriverUpdate. it will scan your computer for drivers for free, and then you can pay $30 to receive free automatic driver updates for a year. That’s what it promises, anyway.

The program starts out claiming to be by a “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.” This doesn’t actually mean Microsoft has placed their stamp of approval on this utility. It then attempts to install other junk software you won’t want.

After installation, DriverUpdate ran a scan and informed us that our computer had 14 out-of-date drivers, many of which are considered “ancient.” This is on a fresh Windows 8.1 system — installed just a few months ago — with the latest drivers available from the manufacturer’s website at the time. There’s no possible we have “ancient” drivers from 2006 installed.

If you try to update your drivers, you’re told that the installed drivers “can cause problems, system slowdowns and bluescreen errors.” This is technically true, but very unlikely. It’s also technically true that updated drivers could cause problems, system slowdowns, and blue-screen errors by introducing new bugs. It’s a wash.

Sony-pocalypse is happening right now. In a single week, hackers have brought a major Hollywood studio to its knees.Sony Pictures is dealing with more than downed computers and frozen email. Movies have been leaked, and internal documents have exposed private company memos, along with employees' salaries, Social Security numbers and health information.

It's so devastating that the FBI is now warning other companies about the malicious software that infected Sony's computers.

This hack could prove extremely costly to Sony.

Leaked movies. Every stolen copy of a movie is potentially a movie ticket lost. "Fury," the World War II drama starring Brad Pitt, has been downloaded illegally 2.3 million times, according to tracking firm Excipio.

The hack also threatens to suck the life out of Sony's (SNE) remake of the musical "Annie," starring Jamie Foxx, before it hits theaters in two weeks. It's been pirated more than 278,000 times.

Embarrassing memos. The hack has also produced some embarrassing internal communications, including memos that show Sony employees are fed up with the boring, unimaginative movies Sony keeps putting out. Among the criticisms: Sony has failed to deliver on its Spiderman franchise. As one employee put it: "We continue to be saddled with the mundane, formulaic Adam Sandler films."

Unequal salaries. The world now knows what Sony employees make. The news organization Fusion spotted a major pay gap that runs on gender and race lines. There are 17 people at Sony Pictures who make more than $1 million a year. Only one is black. Only one is a woman.

Personal information. And to top it all off, hackers have exposed enough personal data that 3,800 employees must now be on guard for identity theft.

All of this is getting posted publicly in huge batches of computer files on sites like Pastebin.com and illegal file-sharing websites. Security researcher Dan Tentler has found that the files are being shared using computer servers owned by Sony's PlayStation Network -- adding insult to injury.

Hackers took more than 100 terabytes of data -- a leak of information so huge that maybe it'll take Sony a year or more to go through it all and deal with the damage.

"This could get a whole lot worse," he said.

As for the latest attack, Sony executives think it might be North Korea. After all, Sony is about to release "The Interview," a comedy about a plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Meanwhile, Sony has kept mostly quiet about the incident, only stating that "a disruption" occurred to its computers and that it's now working with law enforcement.
Tell you what. When the first time I saw this car, I am really in love with it. It is superb design, elegant, sporty and yet very very luxury car.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Interior design is awesome inspiration for us. It's the smallest, lightest and most fuel-efficient Range Rover ever, with an irresistible presence available in two distinct body styles. A Coupe - the compact premium crossover. And 5 door, with its sleek, striking design and practical profile, adaptable to suit a wide variety of lifestyles.

In fact, Victoria Beckham has got one. She helped to design and launch a special limited edition ‘baby’ off-roader for Range Rover last year. And Victoria Beckham made sure to give the vehicle a glowing endorsement as she drove through the streets of London on Friday morning.